Documentary Evidence

-My name is Marty, I’m a long time collaborator of Nick. He recently invited me to write the odd article for his readership to fill in for those periods when he cannot possibly write anything other than his novels through fear of forgetting his latest stroke of genius.-

I have restarted a love affair that began in high school. Back then we were both just starting out, both impressionable and sure that we were able to accomplish anything.
And how can anything that feels that good be wrong?
If I am being honest our relationship weakened when I began to lose interest. The relationship was always there if I wanted to go back, but I had bigger fish to fry.
However, I have now rekindled the passion and it burns brighter than ever. Sure it takes me away from my partner a little more than she would like, but I think in her own way she understands why I have to fulfil my needs elsewhere.
Yes, as you have almost certainly guessed, I have once again begun watching documentaries. Only now we are both more mature and understand each others needs, I’m more open to experimentation, watching documentaries on Star Trek and Donkey Kong as well as the state of the economy.
The buffet is now so rich that an open minded critic can always take his fill.
But things have now spun a little out of control. I find myself thinking about these things when I’m a work. When I’m cleaning or exercising, I have Netflix open on my iPad and catch a bit of another documentary. When I log onto my computer I find myself in some dark corner of the Internet downloading yet another documentary outing some restricted information that someone apparently doesn’t want me to see.
Whilst I know I should just carry on watching The Simpsons, learning so little through one of the greatest forms of communication the mankind has succeeded in creating, I know I must follow my hearts desires. And right now the fires of my passion for these items are burning far to fiercely to be ignored.


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