-My name is Marty, I’m a long time collaborator of Nick. He recently invited me to write the odd article for his readership to fill in for those periods when he cannot possibly write anything other than his novels through fear of forgetting his latest stroke of genius.-

I recently had an epiphany.

Why, with climate change, are we trying so so hard, and spending so so much money, to lower carbon emissions? I appreciate that this may seem like the obvious move, but it feels more like spilling a glass of milk and then stating, “how can we ensure we don’t spill anymore” rather than looking to wipe up the mess.

I appreciate that the move to renewable sources is necessary, however as it isn’t moving forward, why do we also look to reverse the damage that we have caused?
“How?” I don’t wait to hear you ask, through geoengineering. Now, alot of people believe this area to be, well to quote Al Gore, “Nuts”. But I would urge people to rethink the matter. The multitude of ways that we have altered this planet would suggest to many that we are most comfortable with geoengineering. All of the gardening and building that we do is geoengineering. The only difference is the name.

Now, these methods are not all radical, nor beyond the grasp of the common man, but simple techniques and plans that would all help to massively alter the rate of the warming of the environment.

I fail to see why governments are working hard on this matter rather than smart. There are so many people struggling to fund these ideas that will buys us time and help us to search for the right answer to the long term question.


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