“Abridged! A short collection of Short Stories” is a free compilation of short stories from a range of genres. In an attempt to include ‘something for everyone’ the collection features Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Comedy and more. The book will feature the following titles. (List not definitive)


In the near future humans have set out into space, colonising other worlds in the search for extraterrestrial life. Expecting to find familiar forms of life, what they discover will change their understanding of the Universe forever.

End of World

Plagued by dreams of the end of days he never expected them to come true. The end of the world is only the beginning, though, what lurks beyond will test mankind to its limits and push the human soul to breaking point.


After years of isolation from a virus thought to be extinct, the plague once again raises its head to wipe out what’s thought to be left of humanity. Something’s not quite right, though, and it will take a bold act to uncover the truth behind the plague.

Around the Galaxy in 80 Days

Gerald ‘Shwaps’ Tansem is a slob. Albeit a slob who once attended a field trip to Saturn and is now a member of The Educated Guild of Travellers. Now, though, the guild want him out so, in traditional fashion, send him on an impossible journey around the galaxy in under 80 days. The price of failure; eviction from the guild and no more easy going lifestyle.


Is it possible to find love so far away from home? Torn away from the life he knew Blake, one of the few survivors of disaster on Earth, has to resettle on a strange and alien world at the far edge of the Solar System. What he finds is not just a new home but a new found love he never knew he could possess.


Something happened outside, something terrible. Only no-one knows exactly what. Now the remnants of our species is confined, blind and without a clue. Those who venture out never come back but the way things are getting in here, I think I’ll take my chances…

Norseward Bound

There are only so many things that can go wrong in life. Upsetting the 14th Century monarch enough to be deported along with the rest of your folk/metal band is just one of them. Unappreciated in their own country, the band try to make a name for themselves in the Norselands but meet an unexpected new companion and embark on an epic, if ill considered, adventure.

The Messenger

Trapped and besieged by a terrible enemy, a lone, simple Messenger ventures out into the wilderness to retrieve a sacred artefact that could save his city and everyone in it. Yet the siege was only the beginning as worse dangers lie beyond the walls in the changed world outside. It was never the destination that ever truly mattered but the journey…and the reason behind it.


Claudia was special. Like the others. Only she was alone, no guidance and no way to know what to expect. Her family was broken, she had grown up being told she was nothing. Useless. But there is always a light in the darkest places and hers was that stone. A simple, etched rock, decoration at best, but it was something that would eventually lead her to inner strength and a life she dared never to imagine.