This years attempt at NaNoWriMo, Pu’uloa was inspired by a visit to the Pu’uloa petroglyphs in Volcanoes National Park and the mythology the Hawaiian islands are steeped in.


“Just because I’m a writer doesn’t mean I can write fast. Still, let’s have a go, shall we?”

Synopsis (Final story subject to change)

Some secrets still lay buried in the depths of history. For millennia, they lay waiting to be found. Only some secrets were never meant for us.

Long ago, before humans were even imagined, the world was the concern of Gods and Legends. Their breath was the wind, their tears the sea and their wars hailed the end of all things. After an eon of their reign, the gods withdrew from the Earth in the hope that a better race would soon inherit it.
Not all left, though. A sum of their being was left behind; of their anger, their fury and the consequence of their divinity. So, too, was a message, though, and a guardian to keep it. A message that would be passed down through generations of the remaining divine. A message that would eventually be lost.

Until it was found. By those who it was never intended for.