The moment she smiled, the instant she shone,
Out from the world, and all that it’s done,
The promise of hope, the time of new,
My mind, it reaches out for one like you,
No reason, no why and a chance to say goodbye.
The eyes they glint, like they always do,
Drawing me in another time, taking my breath,
The sky, clouded with doubt, grabs at me with glee,
Grimacing at the fact I would want to be free,
To make a choice and take a chance of change.
And yet you stay, still, not a world away,
Apart from them, different to the rest,
You’re you, no change, and no-one else,
The one of which life has purposely alluded,
The one of which life cannot discard.
The moment she smiled, the instant I saw,
In a world as wide and full as I’ve seen,
You are nothing special, just normal, just you,
But, against all those who crave individuality,
You are unique, shining in a glow that could light up the sky.
Though I hesitate, fearing the perspective bait,
To draw me down once more into the well of your eyes,
Seeing through all the past and phoney lies,
But I can, I must, if the chance be true,
For I may not regret, my place beside you.
Deeper down I must reside,
In a place with which my heart astride,
Where the dwelling of glee is undisturbed,
For I, to remain unperturbed,
And I can show who I ought to be.
For the moment she smiled, the instant it was,
That second of blinding light,
I saw all my troubles fall away, without creed or plight,
I smiled back at those wondrous shining eyes,
And was happy to know that moment was mine.