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Chronicles of The Median   

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Note: Full, collected edition of The Median, The Dark and Illumination

A Median is something no one ever chooses to be. It’s just something you are. A living bridge between the worlds of the living, the dead and everything in between. Some are driven to lash out because of it, some driven to madness. Richard Weignright, though, made a life of it. Patrolling nightly, he’s sworn to guard and protect the boundary between worlds, placing lost souls to rest and banishing malevolent wraiths to the void.

Now, long forgotten forces threaten the fine balance kept by the Medians and Richard is forced to confront his own torments and buried secrets that would change his life forever. Yet change is only the beginning as he sets into motion a series of events that leave the fate of the world, as we know it, in the hands of the wrathful dead.

Forced to fight in ever more surreal, hostile surroundings and at the point of breaking, Richard finds a light in the darkness to drive him onwards and the truth of what it really means to be a Median.

AbridgedAbridged! A Short Collection of Short Stories   (DIRECT DOWNLOAD)

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Something for everyone! A short collection of stories from a variety of genres. From Sci-Fi to Thriller. From Comedy to Paranormal. Everyone is sure to find something for them. Why not take a look? What’s the worst that can happen? It is free, after all! 

This collection of short stories from Nicholas House spans a wide range of genres including Science Fiction, Thriller, Supernatural and Comedy. 

The Median: BUY NOW!

The Median  (Novella)   (DIRECT DOWNLOAD)

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Richard Weignright is a Median. A living bridge between our world and that of the dead. Sworn to guard and protect the boundary between worlds he patrols nightly, placing lost souls to rest and banishing malevolent wraiths. But now a force long forgotten threatens the balance kept by the Medians and Richard must confront his own torments and buried secrets to preserve all he has ever known.

The Dark: BUY NOW!

The Dark  (Novella)

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Darkness has fallen and, for Median Richard Weignright, the horrors he thought were over have only just begun. As an age old caste awakens Richard alone holds the key to the salvation of mankind…Or its destruction.
Now, only his prodigy, Michael, can decide the fate of everything and learn what it truly means to be a Median; The risks involved and the inevitable sacrifices.

Illumination (Novella)

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The world is a constantly changing place and nothing ever remains static. This is especially true for Median, Richard Weignright, as he battles to leave his past behind and move on. A new battle looms, though, as a sect of unfathomable knowledge and power threaten the very balance of existence. A balance that is the only thing keeping the worlds of the living and dead from collapsing in on each other. Now Richard must fight in ever more surreal and hostile surroundings to save all he tried to leave behind, only his fight is much more personal then he could have ever dreamt.