Well here’s a pretty sizeable topic.

When talking about inspiration as a whole it’s the equivalent of talking about the entire scope universe. The entire scope of the universe and in detail facts about every single component thereof. As a great man once wrote; “Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is…” This is pretty much pittance in comparison to the scope of human imagination. That in mind, you’d think it’s probably best not to get lost in the vast labyrinth of any one persons mind and yet we do. I know a lot of people would disagree with me at this point, raising the banner of ‘not everyone has an imagination.’ Completely wrong. Everyone has an imagination and is inspired day by day in a variety of ways they don’t even realise. At this point these people might add ‘…like you’ to the end of their banners. True, this may be closer to the truth but still a good few parsecs from bullseye.

The point is that everyone is inspired in different ways. As a writer I am inspired constantly (sometimes at the most inopportune times) and can’t look at something without dreaming up some wild tale about it in the back of my mind. 


This image pretty much sums me up perfectly.


I would imagine film makers see the world through different camera angles, Artists see the world as they would paint it, Musicians see it as they would hear it. Even scientists (especially scientists, in fact) see the potential of everything they look at through the perspective of their individual field. I can’t argue that some people have more difficulty getting in touch with their creative side, unable to see anything other than the world as it is for the most part. For this I would have to blame the general world we live in. With the news constantly barraging us with all of the evils in the world and repetitive routines blunting our senses it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing much more to think about. The fact, I would say, is that imagination, in whatever form it comes in, is the answer to the very thing that would stop us dreaming. Babies and children don’t seem to have a problem with the world around them and they have very open minds, imagination most artists (in whatever form) would dream of. You might say it’s because they don’t know any better but that’s the very point, they don’t have any of these issues weighing them down, nothing depressing them and nothing making them feel guilty when they dare to take pleasure in what they imagine.

Well that got pretty philosophical fast.

So what makes good inspiration. As I said before this is a vast topic and is different for everyone, depending on personal tastes. Personally I find the bulk of my own inspiration comes simply from pictures, music and travelling.


One of my favourite pictures. Everything about it drips inspiration to me.


From these three aspects respectively I can build an image in my mind, give it an atmosphere and then make it real from my own experiences. There are plenty of times where I have spent literately hours sifting through images on Google relevant to whatever I’m writing while listening to some ambient electronica and reminiscing about my various exploits away from home. Suddenly, when I go back to actually write something my mind has created a living, breathing world that I simply have to describe rather than actively dream up. I grant you sleep deprivation generally helps with the process but isn’t that true for all the arts? (Seriously, this is a thing


Juno Reactor never fails to inspire me.


So, to wrap up, is inspiration the same for everyone? No. I don’t think I could have been more wrong if I had said anything else. Inspiration is every bit of it is as subjective as each individuals own view on the world. Even the people who feel they haven’t got any imagination at all, can’t be inspired by anything. Just think to yourself next time something catches your eye in the street, any time you think you see something. Just ask yourself ‘what did I think that was?’ and thus a world of possibilities is opened up. Failing that you can always go get drunk and pass out in a field like that same great man.

Just don’t forget your towel and remember not to panic…


Words to your ears

It’s been quite a significant absence but I am back with a new post. A post with all kinds of news and jollity and no real topic of significance.

First of all the absence was mainly due to various kinds of busy and responsibilities and not at all that I am inherently bad at blogging. Of course some things have changed lately and I find myself with considerably less time than I would like. Time which I would preferably be using to write and edit and not waste becoming engrossed in the Mass Effect trilogy.

Secondly… Everything else. I have been on to so many things of late that I can barely keep track of them. The biggest news is probably that I am working on bringing The Median (the first part of Chronicles of the Median) to audiobook. I have enlisted the help for the actual narration of the book so won’t be reading it myself, although this frees up time to work on other things. The prologue is complete and can currently be found on YouTube (or below) along with a short trailer for Chronicles (also below.) Further parts will be uploaded intermittently and will also become available as free audio downloads (.mp3) on this blog as soon as I sort out a viable online storage medium (I’ve had bad experiences in the past.)

Other news includes the impending release of something I’ve been working on for a while. My ‘Short Collection of Short Stories’ entitled “Abridged.” I mentioned this a few months ago, thinking it would be a quick throw together of various shorts I’ve written over time but soon snowballed. Some stuff turned out to be of questionable quality, likely because I wrote them long before I thought I did when my talents were somewhat less honed as they are today. Other stuff was good but in desperate need of serious editing or even a re-write. Some stuff, it turned out, wasn’t even down on paper. Like I said, it snowballed and I felt it was a good opportunity to get down some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head but didn’t really have a home in any of my other work. One of these pieces was even inspired by an Infected Mushroom track I was randomly listening to on the bus home one night. I feel the ultimate product was, ahem, unique in its take on psy-trance but something I enjoyed writing very much. Long story less long, the collection is in its second phase of editing so it’s kind of out of my hands for the moment but will hopefully appear on Amazon, Smashwords and Kbuuk in the near future. Oh, yeah, did I mention it was going to be free? Of course this means some negotiation with Amazon if that’s even possible but I shall attempt it non the less.

Third and finally to a long and long overdue post is the new book. It is something that will not surface for some time, I’m thinking, but is something very important to me. It is a traditional, full length, stand alone novel that will not be complicating any of the upheld trends (like I feel Chronicles does on occasion.) This is because I am intending this to be the novel I first approach literary agents and publishers with. After all it is my, like I imagine it is many other writers, dream to my work in print. To hold my novel and say “I did this.” I have had quite some experience writing over my life (Chronicles is far from the first book I’ve ever written) and I feel it is time for me to do something about this dream we all have.

Well until the next, hopefully not excessive amount of, time please enjoy inspiration and namesake of, what I feel to be, Abridged’s signature story.